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Gird Up The Loins Of Your Mind! ~1Peter

[ Our LivingThruGrace new member Maybe doesn't mess around when it comes to our Lord! She knows our time need to be used wisely and fiercely as this world dims! ]

Everyone can feel it, these are wicked times we're living in. Our freedoms are being attacked from all angles. However, it doesn't matter what the enemy does to us because if we are in the Lord God, our Real Freedom is guaranteed!

[ Maybe's dressed for spiritual warfare, that's Super Fashion! ]

When we're in the fire's of life we need to remember we're battling NOT against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places. ~Ephesians 6:10-12 This spiritual [ wickedness] is real, Satan's fallen angels, his army are all 'hell' bent; pun intended LOL on taking us down!

[ Sunday realizes that her peace can ONLY come from our Lord! ]

As humans, most of us continue to have the desire to chase peace. I know that this is one of my biggest Achilles heels! I'm uncomfortable in spaces where there is animosity, discord, and tension. Ever since I was a child I've been very 'sensitive' to these types situations. It has caused me to rely on myself [ before I had a real relationship with Christ ] to seek out comfort and peace.

I learned, he's refining me like fine silver and gold... I will refine them like silver and test them like gold. ~Zechariah 13:9 I wanted the Lord's promises of laying me down in green pastures, and leading me besides still waters to transfer over into my life here on earth. However, those green pastures and glorious still waters are God's Peace that we must seek out in and through him! Toils and troubles will be with us until we are with our Father. He promises that our inheritance guarantees a glory that we can't imagine with our human minds! Can you imagine the bejeweled city of Jerusalem that awaits us?!

[ Our permanent home with our Father in the eternal light! All of this awaits the heirs of God! Hallelujah! ]

[ Sunday like me is learning that her refining will create Uncomfortable circumstances for her own good! Aaah! :{} ]

It's taken me years and years to understand that I cannot create my own peace, in this world. Being the type A person that I can be [at times :() or so I've been told LOL! ] I have this need to control all situations in my life, and many times this includes the people in it! LOL! My family are not puppets in which I can reorder them to behave a certain way so everything turns out ok! This is an ongoing lesson, [ I am NOT the puppet master! LOL! ] and a hard learned one at that! ;O

[ Let's walk through our dark valleys with the confidence of the Lord! ]

[ It would be heaven on earth if we could reside on the decks beside the still waters throughout our lives, but alas; live here on earth is not heaven...]

Yes, I still fall back into seeking out those still waters in my earthly life [which of course aren't there LOL but through Christ ] but my refining is continuous thank God! LOL!! For now, I will continue to walk through my dark valleys, my shadows of death, I walk with continued renewed confidence in my Father. I will keep learning to walk in obedience, serving our Lord not man; Our Lord, not this world; leaning into the [green pastures] of 'peace' in every circumstance, leaning into the Lord! I know that the only route to this path of righteousness is through God's word. Learn it, know it, use it!! Gird up those loins! :)

God's word alone is our portion and our cup, so we must fix our eyes on the unseen. We must put on our Armor every day, because without it we are left at the mercy of Satan and his army.

In my Christ walk, I'm asking for the ability to order my life around my Father's desires for me, to make my life a living prayer! Isn't that beautiful?! :{} It's not a simple task, picking up the cross to walk with Christ is work because we are Warriors in this life! We are enlisted in the greatest most relevant fight in humanity! We can't do it on our own power, we need the supernatural powers of our Lord God! This is our reality...

[ Bea, like me can get overwhelmed by what life throws at us, but as God's daughters we understand that we do not have complete understanding of our lives~God does. ]

Does this mean that we shouldn't pray for God to change our circumstances? Of course not, but we have to be willing to accept that fact that God's plans for us are greater, than ours. I'm learning to pray for [his] will to be accomplished through my life in all it's complicated circumstances... Come join us here at LivingThruGrace in the comment section [ or join us over on Instagram/Livingthrugrace ] and let's share our walk with one another!

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