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Learn How To 'RE-Identify' Beauty... Let's THINK Our Way to SEEING A Better Way Of Life

[ The soul that sees beauty may sometimes walk alone ~Johann Wolfgang Goethe ]

We were naturally and universally designed to desire and appreciate beauty. The issue is that we as people have become desensitized to what beauty represents. Especially in today's society, what many understand as beautiful is distorted and so far from what God intended...

[ Veronica knows that we are already standouts in the eyes and mind of God! Let's absorb that! :-]

It's time that we change the way we SEE, through the way we THINK. We have to stop using our untrained minds that Blind our soul, that imprison our ability to go beyond surfaces, beyond one another and see into our world and what we were created to accomplish.

[ Hallelujah! Focus up and praise Him Not ourselves! ]

Our Lord God created this world for us. A world that is varied with all of it's mysterious components working together in the most harmonious ways; and he said that it was very good! (Genesis 1:31) He created man with the thought that he could and would appreciate all of the world's beauty BECAUSE he created it!!

[ The LivingThruGrace Crew taking a Praise break to the song Amazing Grace! Check out our LivingThruGrace Instagram at instagram/livingthrugrace to enjoy the video with the first verse of the song!]

Each one one us have been designed by God before birth to be SO much more than this world's claims of us!!! Isn't it about time for us to STOP the madness, to escape the forest of oppression grown through modern society? Where has under appreciating yourself and others (through our various learned judgements such as appearance) taken us? Exactly WHAT is this doing for anyone? NOTHING; it's an absolute waste of precious time of our human experience on this earth period. Who agrees? It's taken me years just to begin to get to this! I'm telling you from my heart that it's only because of my relationship with God that I'm gaining what it takes to reverse a lifetime of 'programming'.

[ Don't let your mind continue to get HACKED! ]

Our firmware had been damaged since the original sin! But all is not lost because the ultimate tech fix is God!!! He's the ONLY one who can reprogram our hardware, so that we can RESIST malware disguised as a better software for us to live with! There's just no other way.

We can tout all the 'I am beautiful' colloquialisms we want, but unless we have a PERMANENT fix to our lifetime of damage ( from living in society) to our 'brainware' those words will fail to allow us to truly understand beauty in it's purest forms; in the ways which God intended. I know this is tough love here, but we all need it! LOL! No ads for soap (Dove), or magazine articles will help draw our focus OUTSIDE of beauty ideals so that we can focus INSIDE to our spirits, our hearts, our desires, our ability to love, laugh, the ways in which we care for one another, our God given talents, and even our Weaknesses. ( especially our weaknesses...)

[ Future generations depend on our divine guidance, our maturity in God to lead them in their world...]

All of those aspects that make us divinely human are the aspects of Beauty that we don't know how to SEE and appreciate. These ideals are what we need to pass on to the children so that they too can pass it on and begin recreating a paradigm that honors the things that God intended us to. God is here waiting for us to allow him to show and teach us how to refocus...

[ Open your MIND, your Eyes, open your Heart and Spirit for a better way, to God's original ways! ]

Just imagine a world where we appreciate one another not simply by a body part or what we weigh or how young one appears, etc...but through the eyes of God!! Imagine how many young women and men could be saved from a vapid world that solely validates them through their appearance, or what they've achieved by worldly standards; a world that leads them in the wrong directions to who they should be.

( This goes for all of us really...). Imagine the creative energy output that could occur through a shifted thought process; and what we could do to (and in) our world and with each other!

[ Violet came to LivingThruGrace unschooled in who she was and who she could be through the Lord. Outside of her appearance, she felt like she didn't matter, that what other's told her were her only 'guidelines' of who she was. She's grown in our Lord and is glowing with real beauty and wisdom of who she is becoming. She's overjoyed that she's so much more than her appearance!! ]

If we do not know who we are in God then we will become who the world deems us to be. We have a direct line to him, no wifi needed! :() Who wouldn't want to spend time with the one who desires us the most, the one who loves and fulfills us unlike ANY human can!! No matter how close you may be to the people in your life, God is closer, how can he not be; he created us, and he did this so that we could be with him!!

[ A modern take of the 'Mirror Mirror on the wall'. Stop looking into 'the mirror of society' for your worth. ]

[ Change begins with us, within, without the world and it's opinions! Get rewired and stop the hacking of our minds! ]

Let's all strive to get off this ridiculous merry-go-round of self praise, exterior glorification, and self centeredness and get on the only ride that gratifies, let's ride with God! That makes us true Holy Rollers! :-{} (Not to say there's anything wrong with appreciating our appearances), but we have to strive to reach a deeper consciousness as humanity continues to decline right along with this twisted world. If not, we'll be stuck like Cinderella's wicked stepmother gazing into our 'mirrors-of society', searching for our worth and approval.

[ We are Vastly more that what this earthly experience says we are. Please know: It Doesn't Matter what you've achieved, your income level, your body, etc... You are more!!! God Says! ]

We are better than this. We do NOT have to stay stagnant and keep accepting the status quo of our society!! [ we have to learn to stop looking to imitate others and begin helping lift one another up to who we are in God!) We are God's Warriors and made to stand strong against any oppression! Woo Hoo!! Let's help one another empty out the world's garbage so that we can fill our minds, our spirit with Gods truth!! We stand strong IN him!

That's beauty!

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