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It's Ok To Slow Down!

[ Nature does not hurry, yet everything is accomplished." ~Lao Tzu ]

[ Veronica the frazzled exec is at a loss again for enough time in her days!]

[Willow's just about had it with the way the ladies leave the house. This is a sign of life too hurried!]

The beginning of my new year usually starts with a bang. I'm freshly organized, full of hope and new clarity and gratitude to be granted another 'new year'. This year didn't exactly begin effortlessly to say the least! :() For starters, I wasn't in a great head space and I don't even know how I arrived in the disheveled and apprehensive space I landed in! I suppose it was me in my usual mode starting the car without the 'key' [the Lord!]. As I look back, it was inevitable that this would happen, I can look back on these moments and laugh, but I could have saved myself so much stress and time if i had only sat still long enough.

[ Nikita's pretty uptight about not having her planner organized for the year's start!]

[ Yep! This was pretty much me right up until this week :() ]

I'm one of those types that like to have everything organized, all my ducks lined in a

row kinda gal :() However, being slightly OCD about how I choose for my life to flow doesn't necessarily serve to my best benefit; at least that's what came to me as I began to spend time in Stillness with the Lord. [Ok, He 'insisted' I simmer down for my own good!] Once again, I was taking lead instead of waiting for Him, chasing the 'world' instead of chasing Him, rushing ahead and not really focusing on how I wanted to honor Him in all that I do. I was focused on plans, goals, successes, you know, all that human stuff! :()

[ And be not conformed to this world: but be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind, that ye may prove what is that good, and acceptable, and perfect, will of God.

~Romans 12:2 ]

[ Well, Nikki eventually had a major meltdown, um...yeah, we both did :{} We required Lord-r-Vention! ]

It's OK to slow down, to be contradictory to the world and it's expectations. We live in a society in which the busier you are, the more you are respected. Slower and more focused days are often resented or considered negligible. Cramming as much into a day as humanly possible is expected to be duplicated amongst us all or you're some form of a beachcomber, loafer or slacker. People often boast on the levels of their business with others as if it's tryout's for entrance for the olympics, as if it will give them some sort of validation, and sense of importance as an adult, because society says it does so.

Haven't your heard the news?...You're not going to have your 'adulting' card revoked for living live on your own terms, for refusing to walk through life as frazzled as everyone else to be accepted! Busier is best is hard core conditioning form society. It boils down, in my humble and learned opinion that Quality over Quantity is a well lived. I'd rather do a few things well, than too many things ineffectively, unfruitful, and void of the best of me. This is what I was allowing to happen, leaving me feeling unfulfilled and unproductive.

Changes in learned behavior isn't easy, but planting the seeds for growing a fruitful life, one that honors God, yourself, and your loved ones is worth the sweeter taste you'll have, and will digest within your body and spirit with far less 'reflux' which creates anxiety, stress and discontentment.

[ When we slow down, take time in the stillness, those irresolvable problems, become solutions, and we gain awareness and better understanding of what we're actually doing and accomplishing or (not) within our days.]

You say, that's easier said than done; I say, I absolutely agree with you, but I also believe in positive change and growth, and creating a well fed life instead of one in which I'm starved for joy, contentment and purpose. No one said life would be easy no matter your circumstances. :{} I for one am pushed to take responsibility for the present state of my mind that fuels my life. I refuse to continue chasing the 'ghosts' of life

[ expectations, societal norms, definitions of success etc...]. God has been trying to get me to see this for so long [ I'm so grateful for his mighty Patience LOL! ], and I don't want to keep swallowing the truth's of this world. His truth, his wisdom are what's changing my life's 'diet' and even though it's only been a couple of weeks, [ yep, I'm floating in this big boat like the rest of you :{} ], life tastes so much more rich, and I'm a more capable and contented person. I'm in a open space where I can surrender to what God wants for me [ but, I still fight this frequently LOL! ] so that I can fulfill my role here on this earth as his daughter.

[ If ye then be risen with Christ, seek those things which are above, where Christ sitteth on the right hand of God. ]

[ In stillness life speaks to us. ]

It's ok to be unlike everyone else, infact, it's most desired by the Lord. He calls us to be like Him! When we are imitating God, we are not imitating man, we are tuning out opinions of other's who's belief systems about you are based on their own misunderstanding's of living a life of service and purpose. I can't sit here and write out a blueprint for you for exactly what to to. What I can do is to advise you to to slow down long enough to re learn who you are, and who you are in Christ. I'm continually weeding out what's important and what I want to let go of in my own life.

[ Let's be creator's of our own paths, not one set out for us! ]

As I focus on what's really meaningful and important, I'm discovering that many of the 'unnecessaries' [ which were all necessary to me! :() ] are being shoved back, filed in the incomplete, may not get done, or even dare I say who cares folders of life!

Yes, I struggle with this as I'm one of those regimented personality types who likes, no needs to have everything scheduled and planned out by the book! [ my planner] Now, while I still work by my planner, it's much more loose, more spaces are there that aren't being filled with those necessaries!! My world didn't collapse, it continues on whether I do what I do or not :{} I'm realizing that it's all OK. In the words of singer Lauren Hill, "Everything is everything, and what is meant to be will be. After winter, must come spring. Change, it comes eventually." I couldn't have put it any better myself :)

[ Just breathe... ]

I'm learning to look forward to my time in stillness, my mindfulness allows me to focus on the 'un-focus, to simply be in my mind space along with my spirit...and God. I'm appreciating the many life's snippets that I've previously been ignoring, and I know that I'll be better able to take a [ not necessarily bigger ] but better bite out of life...and it will taste sweeter.

We cannot see out reflection in running water. It is only in still water that we can see. ~Taoist proverb

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