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Cultivating Serenity in Troubled Times...

Every day, each moment in that day is another chance to grow in God, to outgrow our old selves and develop functional life character skills for life in these dark days...

Jesus promised us his peace; “Peace I leave wits you; my peace I give to you. I do not give to you as the world gives. Do not let your hearts be troubled, and do not let them be afraid.” ~Jn. 14:27

God’s promise of peace supersedes our circumstance. We can claim his gift 🎁 daily by way of prayer and stillness in Him. This time spent with our Father is the definition of successful living, it’s the only way to navigate our way through life without being blind and vulnerable to the ways of this world.

[ Vanessa's assuring her strength for not just surviving, but really living in this world through her Faith! ]

We so often relate the peace of God to the absence of troubles, or the lessening of them. This is a mistake because as long as we have life in the flesh, we will have troubles of some kind. However, when we have a relationship with Christ, nothing in life can remove His kind of peace from us ~ from our hearts, our mind and spirit.✨. We become independent by becoming dependent - on God! We become helpless and powerful by way of His power through us...Not power the way our world portrays it to be.

[ So many ways our Lord seeks to gain our attention...]

Keeping consistent awareness of our spiritual and mindful attitudes is part of the care and upkeep for Godly peace. Life in the lately has had most of us guided by fear instead of faith. But, going through current world events has lead many of us to push past our world directed fears and put our radar on Faith! Faith can carry us where we cannot! Faith is the REAL news that I choose to tune into. Fear mongering is at an all time high and the devil feeds on it. Let’s starve that devil with Faith!!

Our minds will grow on what we feed it. Producing thoughts that produce spiritual abundance will strengthen our faith and spiritual coping abilities. Negative, fearful and otherwise wasteful focusing with produce rotten fruit for the spirit to feed on. This includes what we watch, listen to and whom we allow into our lives. Remember to perform a daily (or more often if need be ) thought -review to keep on top of thought management. Redirect ~ Refocus ~ Return to triumph through faith over fears, despair and defeat! Amen?

[ Who wouldn't want to laugh along with Betty's sweet face?!! ]

Laugh and laugh a lot!! ~A cheerful heart is good medicine. -Proverbs 17:22. We know this, but according to psychiatrist and clinical professor W.F. Fry M.D. humor is a direct antagonist to three major negative emotions Anger ~ Fear ~ and Depression. Laughing is a pressure release, it’s health food for the soul; laughter is truly one of my favorite gifts from our Lord God!!😆. Take a laugh break throughout your day. Our health depends on it!🤪

[ They're getting nowhere...]

Take it day by day, we can’t jump ahead and there‘s no point in dwelling in the past, so peace of mind occurs when we put one foot in front of the other.🦶 Anxieties rise when we attempt to control the future or agonize over the past. We can’t predict our future no matter our dire earthly circumstance, and as frustrating as current life can be, we must dig in and move through, one moment at a time...

Taking care of ourselves with daily (if possible) movement of some kind is crucial for our health and spirit uplifting. Moving gets our blood circulating and moves oxygen throughout our body, something we need leg up with under these dreaded masks!🙄😷

Simple walking or jamming out at home to your favorite tunes ( music is uplifting too

🎶💃🏽 ) can get the heart to dancing too☺️

[ Fueling our body for energy is crucial when our our world is constantly wearing us down!~ ]

[ A juicy bowl of sunshine! ]

[ Take time out for tea and spiritual uplifting... Rosemary herb tea ~ Known to help elevate moods along with other benefits; relax into a cuppa soothe~ ]

We can’t say it enough on this site but getting in those nutrients protects and strengthens us to live more fully. Grab your favorite simmer fruits, a simple 🥤smoothie, a crisp salad with that pizza 🍕😋 It’s not hard to get in many of the proper nutrients needed for whole body care. Don’t stress over organic vs non, do what your budget affords and give your produce a good wash with lemon and vinegar to remove those nasties.✔️ :)

Many of us love baking especially since this pandemic. Baking is creative, comforting and loving. We don’t need to give up time old lifestyle actions, it‘s just about balance. ☺️

[ Violet's an avid ink drinker! That's book worm for the rest of us! :() ]

Remember to take time to do something you like. Life isn’t all about completing task after task. We are God given creative beings designed to thrive on our natural creative drives. You needn’t be an artist if that’s not your jam, take a walk or a bike ride alone or with the family. Play with pets, my parents just love feeding and interacting with the neighborhood squirrels! I mean what’s more stress busting than animals?🐶🐰. Playing games, or romp around your town and find some place to explore. Visit your local library or some local shops in your town, find out what’s actually open to the public. Whatever soothes your soul, and produces a stare of relaxation and joy, do it ~ Often!

[ Nature ~ That's God baby! Get out and grab some to add to your life today! ]

So you see, serenity is really a state of Faith then the of mind will follow. It takes diligence, God’s work is soul work, it’s work that allows us to die to this world and live in the one he created for us. We don’t have to allow the darkness of the world to overtake us, because we are God’s Overcomer’s!🙌🏽


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