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Small Changes Lead to Healthy Results!

We are doing a Health Care - Self Care series chock full of attainable tips for living better, for our whole health!🌱. Let’s think of this as a makeover - a stress management makeover to kick that stress hormone Cortisol’s butt! 🤼‍♂️ (while our body makes and needs cortisol the hormone we produce to help our body during times of stress, as part of our fight or flight survival, when too much is produced it leads to illness , dis-ease in the body.) So let’s formulate an Action Plan to get it handled!👏🏽👏🏽

Okay, let's start with our Spirit, let’s learn or re learn how lighten up! 🙄🤪. While some people may naturally have a positive and upbeat personality, it may take some internal adjustments for others. Particularly those of us who live with chronic pain and or disease or have a loved one who does. But cultivating a different mindset not only helps us mentally as we go through illnesses and stress but it helps physically- it’s that mind- body connection!🧘🏽‍♂️

Ariah & Vanessa both live with moderate asthma and food allergies and though they both have struggles and setbacks, they use what they’ve learned to help others with their health struggles. Taking the focus off of ourselves and shifting - feeling stuck - to what can I do - give our mind another focus, a reason to keep moving forward. Helping others moves us into a state of gratitude, in spite of our conditions.

[ A simple smile is a free gift that can transform someone who never receives any at all.]

♥️Complementing a stranger or loved one genuinely from the heart another free heart boosting gift.

♥️Acting with simple manners ( mamba those? ) saying thanks and please, holding the door for someone without any expectations back.

♥️Driving SANS road rage 😂🚙, letting someone go first, listening to something uplifting while driving instead of focusing on your negatives.

♥️Pay it forward while in line for someone else.

♥️Get your unused stuff and donate to a shelter.

The ideas stem from the same place, our Heart ♥️ We’re albeit temporary ( for now) removing our self woes and giving back into our world the way God has designed for us to. I can’t think of better transformational tools than that!!!

Practicing states of gratitude may not come easy for us all, but it’s a habit that guarantees an inner shift in our perspectives. Gratitude takes us away from what we can’t control (enter stressing ) and places us in the present moments where we can walk through ( with ) some measure of control over our thoughts.👍🏽 No fancy thing needed but your mindset and a willingness to help ourselves. It’s about learning to treat ourselves better, with wisdom and compassion. Wether you simply jot down on paper or your phone or even just state aloud each morning something, even if you can only muster one or two things to be grateful’s a healthier beginning.🤸🏽‍♀️ Start right where you are!

[ I get so tired of the self talk that negates me... don’t you 💁🏽‍♀️ ] ‘Accredited’ to Einstein - but used by many Insanity - doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. This is how most of us are living our lives, stuck in our states of ineffective behaviors learned over a lifetime.

[ When I feel down, I sit down - in the Word. ]

Let’s begin treating ourselves better. Jesus leading our way.🙌🏽

Whenever I'm feeling crappy in the world I come out of it and into Jesus. It's here where I'm reminded of my worth, of how loved I really am, of what our Father God gave up for us. Spending time in God's Word is rectifying, humbling and the exact direction I should be headed to be reminded of my purpose. The life purpose(s) that get conjured in my mind aren't nearly as real and satisfying as the purpose God has laid out for me. Seek out the solace of our Lord Christ, he's right here waiting...always.

Don’t wait for a good mood, do something anyway, and the mood will follow. Go for a walk, watch something funny, discover a new comedian and binge watch ( one of my favorites☺️), try and get outdoors if possible. I know when I've been disconnected from nature for too long - I feel like a plant without water. Even 10 minutes a day can refresh our spirit. I know we've heard this all before, but I wouldn't repeat it if it didn't work! God made this world for us, our spirits feed off of its treasures!

We have an upcoming post on Doodling your way to Joy, but in the meantime, grab a piece of paper, a notebook; nothing fancy and let your pen held freak flag fly! Rediscover the positives of this age old activity. One of the positives of doodling is that there's no right or wrong, no rules, just a freestyle journey wherever your mind takes you! No artistic - ness required!👨🏻‍🎨.

Asleep or awake, Pets are the ultimate mood booster!! Allergic to pets, check out funniest animal videos ( a favorite of my mom for instant cheer ) or try visiting your local animal habitats or aquarium!! The point is waiting for that good mood to come can defeat you. Seek that joy starting from the inside out !!

Well that’s part one of our Ultimate Health Makeover. We aim to keep things short but full of doable actions for permanent changes for our spirit, bodies and minds.👏🏽👏🏽🍃. Stay tuned for part 2 Environmental switch ups for lightning up our spirits!

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