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Don't Fret, God is Everywhere!

Even though our world is more crowded than ever, so many of us are still alone, or feel lonely. But wait...we aren't alone, our focus is out of focus! :() Even when our lives ae spinning seemingly out of control, and it doesn't feel like it...God is with us.

[ One being voluntary; the other arbitrary. ]

You may be feeling that you just don't know how to connect or 'find' God in your lives. But you don't have to! God is already here!!! That's one of the amazing thing about our Lord and Savior, he's ALWAYS with us. But where, and why aren't your problems solved? Why aren't you being comforted?

Just stop and 'look' right where you are! God is everywhere! He's in the breath's we take, so breathe, just still yourself for a moment and breathe! [ Don't take breathing for granted because it's a gift! Speaking from an Asthmatic here! ] Stop, slow down and look, look through your window or if possible pop outside and see God! He's in gentle breeze that caress the trees, he created ALL the beauty of nature out there for us, so look, look at the animals, look at the mountains, the trees, flowers, plants, smell their fragrance, look at the snow covered areas and notice it's serene quiet...All God baby!!

One of my favorite things to do is to listen to the bird song in the air. Most anytime I can stop and Hear God, the sweet melodies of those birds remind me that I am because He is! That I am so small, and here and happy to be so, but for only a blip of time, and that's because of God's grace! You might say I'm an amateur bird watcher because in the warmer months, [even in the cold one's but from inside LOL], I rejoice in just observing their actions, sounds, and interactions with their environment or one another. It allows me to zone out of my own time and space [ a meditation you might say! ] and remember GOD!

The quiet, yes God's there too, in fact it's the best time to zone 'in' to him. We can flip lonely into quality time with our Father, our friend, our Savior!!! You don't need to do anything if you so choose; just be...he's there right where we are! So we can choose to be in Solitude without being lonely! It's way easier than we often make it out to be!

Feeling like you never have enough time to pray, well, pray WHEN you're busy, like in the shower or bath, when you're eating, or on the way to pick up your kids from school. Pray in traffic, right before bed, when shopping [give thanks that you are able to so]. Pray whatever comes to mind, pray even in difficult times, [God asks this of us ], for loved ones, for our nation and it's leaders, for being able to get up and move! It isn't difficult or's God!!

[ This being alone may even be a kind of happy autumn dusk. ~Yosa Buson While Roxy isn't exactly alone in her physical surroundings, she can choose to be in mental solitude, in her self imposed peace trek so that she can be reminded that God is right where she is. ]

We've all heard it before, but keeping an attitude of Gratitude for God in your life, FOR your life, and for all other reasons that you are grateful really does help to keep humility in our hearts and our minds, and hopefully spill into our actions.

Learning to listen, see and feel God everywhere in our lives helps us to focus on the fact that our alone isn't lonely due to the face that we are because he is. Yes, spending time with loved ones, family, and friends fills a different need, and it's wonderful! But if that isn't the circumstance of your life right now ( or of your personal choosing) it's ok, you're going to be ok because you are a sister or brother in Christ and that's enough!

[ God has provided each of us with our very own life maps, meant for us alone, each with a different planned outcome! ]

You are Enough! You are Loved! You Matter, and not based on how many friends you do or don't have, or your job or position in the community. You matter because God created you to matter!! We weren't made to self compare. Each of us has a journey on this earth and it's customized just for us. We don't have to map out our lives to end up on the SAME highway as everyone else. We go where we grow!! We don't need social media or anyone outside of ourselves to validate the worthiness and quality of our existence!!

[ Punchy used to live in the crew house with all the other LivingThruGrace ladies, but she forged a different path. Punchy prefers solitude and she knows that she's never really by herself! She's perfectly content in that! ]

Learn to use that time in solitude to get to know your higher mind, the one that aligns itself with God! Learn to know yourself as yourself without any influences from anyone. Learn to appreciate alone/solitude and turn it from something negative to a positive that can lead you to beautiful heights that aren't possible when you're surrounded by others!!!

You'll grow to be comfortable with yourself, and that will be enough, you will be enough because God is enough!! You just may get introduced to yourself; now wouldn't that be grand! :()

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