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Stock Up Smart~With Food Allergies!

The thought of not having access to safe foods to eat in this day and age can be alarming, but we can prepare using the Allergic Smarts we already have! 🧐Many of us live with multiple food allergies and transversing the food maze and its ever changing ingredients requires us to always be on top of things.

[ 😂🤣 What NOT to do! ]

But, We Can Do This! The key is not to panic, think things through the way we always have when choosing food and BUY WHAT YOU EAT! Panic can cause people to just choose any foods to feed their family. However, we don’t have that luxury do we?🥴.

[ Quinoa and Buckwheat ~ which isn’t wheat at all make for Grain- less additions for low carb and grain free. Both of these are Pseudo Grains meaning they’re actually seeds! ]

Along with the need to focus on SAFE Foods, we must keep within our budgets (which for most of us keep shrinking!😝 ). That being said, we can still move forward by breaking down our shopping tasks into smaller blocks. For instance take one shopping period for purchasing one or two extra dry goods items like gluten free pastas, and grains. Next focus on other shelf stable items like can goods ( fruits & veg ). I like buying single serving fruits in bulk from Costco so entire canisters of fruits don’t go to waste☺️).

( For those who aren’t gluten free try and pick up a variety of whole grains to keep things interesting as well as nutritions. I buy these for my hubbs to keep his grain game on rotate😋 We’ve also purchased shelf stable snacks fo him for work or home. Again, these aren’t gluten free but the G-Free snacks are coming up!

We get a variety of nut based snacks for hubby that satisfy, provide some energy and provide good fats; oh and a little sweet never hurt anyone!😉

[ Allergy Safe Snacking is Smart Snacking! These Blake’s bars are actually good and I’ve tried many😄


[ Ok, we’re a bit obsessed with these! That’s me and the hubbs who’s not gluten free😉 We bought them from Costco ]

( Finally found dried meat sticks WITHOUT Nitrates or other food allergens! Woo-hoo! )

Shelf stable food items are important, as we want to be able to feed our loved ones for (an undetermined amount of time…). When looking for shelf stable dry and canned goods don’t forget to READ THOSE INGREDIENTS. We want to keep ourselves and families safe and without incident.📌📌

Individual fruit servings, canned fruits and veg and aside from the canned veg we eat these foods often however we always prefer frozen and fresh over all😉

[ The sticky rice is for travel, just heat add whatever toppings and eat! Gluten free Orzo makes for great soups and stew additions! I like to keep my gluten free grains varied.☺️ I keep canned pumpkin all year round for curries and other tasty dishes and canned fish for those omegas and quick recipe additions! ]

[ These are my and Vanessa’s favorite cereals! 😋 I like that Three wishes is Grain Free ~made with chickpeas and low sugar sweetened with monk fruit. Both of these cereals are gluten-free ]

I choose to focus on foods that were as ‘whole’ as possible. Foods with minimal ingredients ( for my food allergies and my husband’s health. ). Along with freezer storage for meats, veg, fruits and various other foodstuffs, long term protein comes freeze dried and these companies use no ingredients that shouldn’t be there.👏🏽 I had to search for freeze dried potatoes that weren’t filled with nitrates!! I found these goods on Amazon, and buy them a bit at a time within my food budget.

This Costco buy is mainly for other members of my family ‘cause’ chili doesn’t agree with me!🤣 but out of many canned chilis this one has minimal scary ingredients. Now my hubby does have a few cans of Spam on deck too~😆.

Dried fruits are a great way to keep your hands on fruit for your family all year round. You can bake with them, toss them into cereals, yogurt even stews😋. The nice thing about dried fruits is you can have tropical fruit all year, such as mangoes, papaya and bananas. All these fruits make great snacks and if they’re not on your allergen list safe foods too.☺️

I’m not being ‘food bougie’ 🤣 I just can’t eat corn products so here I am. 🙄😄

Gluten Free flour can be purchased in bulk at Costco or Sam's Club. Grain Free chips found at Fresh Thyme Market. Eating at home is a mostly regular thing now so keep stock of allergen safe baking products to cook with.

[ We’re lentil lovers here! So of course I keep big bags of these all the time😋😋]

These are some of my go to gluten free flour baking products ( I like Bob’s Red Mill 1 to 1 flour too ). I bought egg replacer for future storage in case we can’t find fresh eggs. ( Note: these are NOT for scrambling, only cooking with.😜 )

[ Don’t forget your favorite spice blends and sauce mixes too☺️ I buy these for my hubby because I can’t partake for allergic reasons😝]

Get the picture? The foods we eat on the regular, keep on deck, so make a list of your favorite and safe foods to shop for and make purchases that fit within your budget.📌

I hope this provides an open picture of how we shop for food supply storage and normal life eats.

Next post I’ll be covering allergic and asthma meds to keep on hand as well as other non food products 📌👏🏽👏🏽

For He satisfies the thirsty and fills the hungry with good things. ~Psalm 107:9

Let’s not forget to store up with Godly truths and wisdom the real ‘Soul Food’!

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