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Emergency Prep with Food Allergies

Now days more than ever is important to be prepared for you or your loved ones with food allergies and asthma. Don’t wait, start gathering a few things at a time and store them in cool dry spaces.

This link will take you to a comprehensive list of emergency products to have on hand safety of you and your family. During disasters, allergic foods aren’t exactly a priority for state services. Take matters into your hands, and be prepared.✅


[ Vanessa has been storing some long term storage food items that are safe for her to consume with both asthma and food allergies✔️ This dehydrated 🍲veg stew mix can be a nutrient boost if there’s no fresh foods available. We find our dried storable goods on Amazon👏🏽👏🏽]

Bless others and pass this information on.☺️

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