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Let's Get the Scoop On Poop! Unforeseen Causes of Constipation. Part 1

We all have to deal with this at some time throughout our lives: Constipation, or what I call being 'Stuck Up' LOL!! What's worse than being full of s#$t? :() Not much!

We can unknowingly be causing our bowel malaise through some of our lifestyle choices, so come ride with us and learn how to get things movin'!

Now most of are aware of the obvious perpetrator of stubborn bowels which is not eating enough Fiber, not drinking enough water and putting off the urge to go.

However, there are many other less familiar causes and the first of those is Painkillers. In specific, Narcotics can keep us 'blocked'. Many of the receptors for narcotic drugs are located in the digestive tract, and any interference with that area is going to bring 'actions' to a halt! Your doctor may place you on a temporary gentle laxative when you're taking this strain of meds.

[ Wow! 80% This gal's hard core! :() ]

Chocolate could be a culprit for some, but not all. [ Say whaaat?!! ] If you find that you experience this issue just cut back on the amounts consumed. Chocolate can also cause heartburn for many, and those antacids too can cause constipation. Antacids with calcium or aluminum are the exit blockers! LOL If you notice a problem with your antacid, try another option. It's helpful to ask a pharmacist to recommend one that suits your health needs.

Overuse of laxatives can lead to a dependence on them, in particular stimulant laxatives like Ducolax, Ex-Lax, Senokot among others. Only take laxatives for the recommended time on the directions or how your doctor directs you. If your body becomes dependent on a laxative, you won't be able to produce a bowel movement without them.

Over consumption of dairy products which are naturally low in fiber, as well as eating too large portion of meats, and eggs can slow digestion. Try mixing in high fiber foods with foods like meats and cheese, like salads, veggies and other fiber rich foods like beans and legumes when eating dairy foods. Of course high fatty processed fast foods will also stop action in the loo! Limit intake of these foods with a balanced diet of health ones for happy bowels! :()

[ It may be natural for this little guy for be slow in movement, but not for our bowels! ]

Hypothyroidism, an underactive thyroid gland slows the metabolic throughout the body, and that includes the digestive tract. It's best if you're experiencing constipation for longer than a few days to see your doctor immediately.

Blood pressure and Allergy meds can be bowel blockers. Drugs used to treat blood pressure like calcium blockers and diuretics in particular lower blood pressure through increasing urine output, and that flushes water from your system. We need water to keep out stools soft and passable. Antihistamines in allergy meds along with some ofter drugs used to treat allergies can make bathroom trips difficult too.

Believe it or not, depression can be a constipation cause. Depression can also slow down the body's normal processes and that include our bowel system too.

Antidepressants are also connected to constipation for some, so please check with your doctor if this is side effect.

Diabetes and other neurological conditions can hinder bathroom success because of damage to the nerves [ common with diabetes ], which effects the ability to digest food properly and pass it through.

So as you can see, constipation isn't a one size fits all, and could be multifaceted depending on your health. It's smart to keep on top of getting more fiber from foods into our diets, hydrating and moving when possible. If regular life processes aren't making smooth moves for you, see your health care provider so that they can look deeper into matters. Try and not let this 'crappy' :() condition stress you too much, because with diligent care and doctor's orders if necessary, we should be on the road to 'moving' in no time!

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