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How Proper Use of Your Inhaler Can Make for Better Breathing.

We all know that inhalers are an important part of Asthma management, but improper use of them can result in continued out of control asthma and more frequent flares. Your healthcare team, allergist, pulmonologist and primary care doctor can all assist you with improved techniques.

[A few of our LivingThruGrace crew members who live with asthma are here to demo simple inhaler techniques to get better results every time!!]

First remove the mouthpiece cover [ if your inhaler has one ] and check to make sure it's clean. Cleaning the mouth area and body of your inhalers and your entire spacer is important because bacteria from your mouth and dust and debris from the environment can lay dormant real to cause trouble if they're transferred into your body!

If your (MDI) metered dose inhaler hasn't been primed do so according to the directions, and shake for 5-10 sec before using.

[ Our LivingThruGrace Asthma Warriors! ]

Sit up Straight or even better, Stand straight and push the air from your lungs by breathing out completely.

[ For an active visual watch the video above. ]

I like to perform a couple of diaphragm stretches before taking my inhalers, and we have a blog post up on these very simple techniques under Asthma health & Care titled: Easy Poses for Improved Lung Capacity & Better Breathing! Expanding the lung area allows the medicine to fill to capacity so that it can work better.

If you choose to use an inhaler spacer, ( I personally feel they really do help and I'll take all the help I can get! LOL ) place your inhaler into the spacer area where it fits. Talk to your doctor, there are a couple of different shaped spacers for the different shapes of the inhaler mouth piece. Once the inhaler is primed, shaken and you're in position it's time for lift off! :()

[ This little guy could do some serious damage to his inhaler, I hope he doesn't clamp down too hard! LOL ]

Holding your inhaler upright, place into your mouth in between your teeth and gently clamp teeth onto the inhaler mouth piece, closing your lips around your entire mouth

( lips) piece.

A second or two after you begin to slowly inhale, activate your inhaler, continuing to inhale for 3-5 seconds. Hold your breath for at least 10 seconds to allow the medicine to move deeply into your lungs. Breathe out slowly and if you are prescribed to do so, repeat these steps for your second dose.

Once you are done using your inhaler, try and remember ( unlike Clawdie :() ) to place the cap/top back onto your inhaler. Also do not leave the inhaler attached to the spacer because debris can enter through and get into your inhaler. Once done, be sure to clean the inhaler as the instructions require. Your spacer can be thoroughly cleaned with a wash in warm-hot water and soapy water and allow to dry thoroughly.

The video above demonstrates proper care of your asthma supplies for safe and daily use. If you use a nebulizer, this too needs to be cared for and cleaned.

One addition to the video above, if the clear cords get wet inside, hang them straight and allow to dry completely, so that water doesn't transfer into your lungs. If you can't get the cording to dry ask your doc for new ones.

If you follow these easy steps regularly, you should see a difference in how your inhalers work. If you are still struggling with breathing, see your healthcare provider so adjustments with medications and your asthma plan can be made.

[ Yes we are warriors- Asthma Warriors! ]

Asthma management can be frustrating and it can be a winding road to better breathing, but taking steps with our physical and emotional health and our personal environments can be the beacons to light the way on the road to better breathing and keeping that asthma beast tamed!

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