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May is National Asthma & Food Allergy Awareness Month and it's important to turn our attention to this affliction that's often belittled and not taken seriously.

This simple infographic is a healthy reminder to send to friends and family to begin the change of viewing people with Food Allergies the same as any other disease because it is just as serious. There are over 15 million Americans alone who live with Food Allergies. When food turns into your enemy, eating becomes a challenge that must be met each and every day.

LivingThruGrace has loads of helpful, educational information on living with and managing Food Allergies and Asthma. Feel free to drop by and visit and learn something new! Stay a while and become a part of our little family! :)

The top common Food Allergens that account for 90 % of reactions are:

Milk * Egg * Peanut * Tree Nuts * Soy * Wheat * Fish * Shellfish * Sesame

Aside from the the top food allergens, there are also some other foods though less common which cause allergic reactions:

Corn ( though rare) allergies are on the rise. Maneuvering through the food maze with a corn allergy can be as challenging as soy or diary because so many foods are made with corn based ingredients. This is why clear labeling within our Food Industry is so important! As with all of these allergens and along with the top 8; it also becomes imperative to research and learn the names of Food Allergen based ingredients used in our foods. Locating and printing a list for your fridge and one on your phone, tablet or wallet puts us in the driver's seat with food navigation!!

Meat; yes I said meat :O [ I have a Pork allergy! ] A person allergic to one kind of meat may not have to avoid others. Here's a video with a bit more explanation,

[ If you have a known Sesame Seed Allergy, be careful and beware of buns, breads and crackers that are loaded with them! ]

Seed Allergies can be just as severe as nut allergies.. Sesame, Poppy, and Sunflower seeds can and have caused anaphylaxis.

Just because it's rare, or you've not been aware of it doesn't mean you can't be the one having a Gelatin reaction!

Gelatin an animal protein formed when the connective tissue or animal skin is boiled. One interesting fact is Porcine ( Pig) gelatin is used in many vaccines, used as a stabilizer is a common cause to allergic reactions to many vaccines. This can be imperative to if you've come down with allergic symptoms after consuming gelatin, discuss it with your health care provider prior to vaccinating.

Spices too?! Allergic reaction to spices are rare but do occur. Spices like Mustard * Garlic * Coriander can and have cause reactions to some individuals. People who have allergic reactions to certain pollens such as birch and mugwort can experience Cross- Reactions with spice allergies.

Allergic reactions to fruits and veggies [ Like Banana; like Me :() ], tomatoes, peaches, apples and others are diagnosed as Oral Allergy Syndrome, and can often be cross reactive if you are allergic to certain grasses and pollens.

If you're experiencing any kind of unusual reaction to a food, but dismiss it as nothing, rethink that choice. You may be having an allergic reaction that's been or could potentially effect your overall health now and in the future. Who remembers when food was easy?? Sigh! :()

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