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You Can Eat Your Hydration Too!

[ Roxanne enjoying the beach and summertime fun! ]

We're in the full throes of the summer months and that means sweating away in the summer heat! Our bodies always need hydration but, especially when it's hot and you're losing electrolytes from hot weather. We all know to keep hydrated through drinking water and more water, but, there are many foods which are very hydrating and nutrient dense as an added benefit!

Watermelon is synonymous with summertime! Sweet oh so juicy and delicious! this super juicy fruit is made of 90% water which makes it an awesome hydrator for your body! Watermelon is also full of Lycopene, even more than Tomatoes and most are not aware of this. Lycopene is an antioxidant and it also gives watermelon and tomatoes their bright red color.

[ A salad made of watermelon, mint and feta cheese makes for a delicious and hydrating meal! ]

Watermelon is also believed to aid with Asthma, High Blood Pressure,Cancer, inflammation and other health conditions. The high concentration of Vitamin C is another factor that makes it an asthma fighter. Watermelon also helps with Muscle Soreness and to make for a quicker recovery time after exercise. The concentration of Vitamin A makes it great for the skin and hair. There's no loosing with this super fruit, as well as cantaloupe and other varieties of melon, so grab a few slices and give you body the hydration it needs.

[ A simple bowl of goodness. ]

Strawberries (a member of the Rose family!) are another tasty fruit that is loaded with water, and they also contain Potassium which helps your body maintain optimal fluid balance. This heart shaped little berry contains really high levels of antioxidants (called polyphenols) which make the big disease fighters. they're also packed with vitamins and minerals like Potassium, Manganese (vatimin C in particular, more than oranges!), and they're full of fiber.

[ Danica & Alex are helping whip up my Cucumber Water, we tossed in some Ginger Root for extra inflammation fighting! ]

[ Cucumber hydration in the making! ]

[ A Vitamix blender gets everything blended smooth! ]

We can't talk about hydration and not mention Cucumbers another super hydrator. I like to refer to them as edible Botox because they're so good for the skin as their water content along with Potassium, and Magnesium plumps out and hydrates the skin! I love to add cucumbers into my blender and blend with filtered water to get boosted water with added nutrients!!! It's a phenomenal way to hydrate!!

[ Lemon's excited about her Tomato haul :D She loves popping them into her mouth and the burst of juicy goodness that follows! ]

Tomatoes are 94% water and are an excellent way to hydrate that bod!! These juicy lycopene rich fruits (yes they're actually a fruit) are rich with cancer fighting antioxidants and full of vitamins and minerals that fight against diseases of the heart, reduce blood pressure, help reduce cholesterol levels and also improve fluid balance ( that's what we're looking for folks! :D ), aid in protecting the kidneys and help with inflammation reduction. Who's had fresh plump sweet cherry tomatoes just as a snack? It's good eating'!

Greens, good for you and hydrates too! Lettuce like Green Leaf Butter, Romaine and Iceberg are all full of hydration and simple to prep and eat! Lettuce greens are a wonderful source of nutrients for our health, wether you pile it high in a salad, stuff it into a sandwich or toss it into a green smoothie, you can't go wrong with the many varieties available for your munching pleasure! :D Lettuce are full of vitamins ( especially K- which increases bone mass & A ), and Beta carotenes, as well as folate that help with the prevention of birth defects. So no matter how you 'toss it' lettuce is a winner!

Celery ain't just for bloody Mary's! :D Celery is about 96% water and crunchy, and so good with a rich creamy nut/seed butter! Because of the high water content, and electrolytes, celery can help to hydrate and to keep you to feeling fuller before a meal. Loaded with antioxidants, vitamins and other minerals like vitamin B6, Potassium and folate; celery's benefits are as snappy as their crunch! Celery has been known to improve blood pressure as well as aid in the prevention of heart disease, and it's also full of fiber so it along with all these other fruits and veg kelp to keep things moving along! :()

Bell Peppers are the (fruits) of a plant that is a member of the nightshade family and are made of around 92% water are another super food for hydration. Peppers are related to tomatoes and chili peppers, and are often referred to as sweet peppers. They come in a multitude of colors and the green one's are actually unripened red, yellow and orange peppers. Bell peppers are mostly carbs which account for the calorie content ( not to be concerned, the content is low!) One cup of peppers is around 9 grams of carbs, so eat away!!

Zucchini, the (fruit technically) that made Zoodles famous! Zoodles are spiralized zucchini and other veggie noodles. Zucchini is made up of around 95% water and is a good source of Vitamin C and A as well a potassium, folate and fiber. I enjoy tossing zucchini into my smoothies as they impart a creamy texture with little flavor. Zucchini has a neutral flavor in my opinion so it's good to add to any dish to absorb it's flavor.

It's easy to get and keep our bodies hydrated any time of the year and we can all take advantage of the summer harvest available to us with hydrating fruits and veggies. Wo needs special 'marketed vitamin' drinks when we can have whole foods and get direct health boosting results!

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