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Be Still and Know...

"Be still, and know that I am God; ~Psalm 46

In this world now, and in 'my world' I have been finding it more difficult to adhere to this important commandment. We began as kids learning the skill of stillness and as anyone who has or have been around kids know it's Really hard for them to do! :() However, I know that so many of as adults still have this same issue because the pace of our lives seems to be on speed dial. We are pulled in so many directions, required to remember endless tasks, [not to mention passwords, unless you have them neatly stored on your devices; which I don't!]. We are required to evolve as quickly as all of the world's technology that's endlessly advancing.

Our necks are scrunched from 'bobble-dropped' heads reading and sending texts, emails, apps, blogs and everything else we've input onto our devices that apparently run our lives! Let's not forget we must finish watching the programs we've DVR'd, and listen to our favorite podcasts, and audiobooks[ ever guilty of these! ]. If we have time left we must manage our families, our homes and health which may include keeping up with the declining state of our food production, what safe to eat this week, what the heck Qunioa is and how to prepare it (LOL!), getting in enough exercise and water and let's not forget sleep; wait, what's That? :()

[ During today's bible study/girl chat the ladies discuss their struggles to make time to come to the Lord. Veronica a busy executive can't unglue herself from her phone long enough for a simple prayer time. Frieda (glasses) feels guilty because lately when she prays it's usually asking for personal requests, she feels like she's 'using' the Lord. Piper, started this bible study group for just these reasons, as she needs godly wisdom because she's been relying on herself and it's only ended in disaster. Last of all, London is so distracted, she's finding it hard to focus, participate, and pay attention to the group at all! ]

So yes this one simple commandment God has given us, has now become a luxury for us. It's time to reverse this and make Stillness a have to, and a want to for our survival. We think of all the many things listed above as 'need to's, but without the former, the other needs become ineffective and overwhelming, leaving us chasing our own tails and over stressed.

[ Stormy weather, just can't get my poor self together. I'm weary all the time ~Stormy weather Lena Horne ]

The truth is that I and many of us are allowing potential favorable circumstances with the Lord slip away along with our reasons of why we can't make the time. I don't have all the answers my friends, but what I do have is a determined will and a love and devotion to my Lord. I also have quite a bit of chaos going on through no one else's fault than my own.

At the beginning of this year I didn't start with time in Him like I've done every year, I created plans and moved forward in them on my own power. needless to say I've experienced multiple 'power outages'!! Life without 'the lights on', the light of God's wisdom and peace is a stormy and dark one. What I found was that I was wandering around in the fog created from my own disobedience. Anyone else experiencing this in 2017? I'll bet my mortgage that answer is yes.

How now do I get from here to there? Good question, and my choices are to just do it or don't. Yep, it's that simple, though we may not want to hear [or read] it. After all we can talk, read, profess lofty promises to ourselves about what we will start doing and sooner than later we've forgotten about them, I know.

If I woke up every day and didn't make time to brush my teeth, shower, or eat it wouldn't be pretty for me or others around me! LOL It is because these are daily habits preformed for the maintaining and survival of of my body. I have no problem feeding and scrubbing my body clean so why shouldn't I scrub my spirit and mind as well? Before grabbing my toothbrush, the soap, or breakfast, I'm starting to grab my bible [ or other spiritual/God inspiring read, journal, or listen]. I think I was holding on to the belief that I had to spend more time than I had available during my mornings (the best time for me), but if I can't manage to make a daily habit of 5, 10, or 15 minutes or more if I can with the Lord, then that are my goals for? Am I living to honor Him or myself?

Are your old ways of worshipping and spending time in the Lord going stale? take this journey with me! There are so many ways to Stillness; Mindfulness: the act of being still and just focusing on your present state. Mindfulness allows you to be fully aware of your thoughts and feelings, as well as your present surroundings while simply accepting them without trying to control them. Mindfulness allows you to just be, and that is stillness! There are endless ways to personalize being still in the Lord, journaling, creative bible journaling that involves crafting [for you creative types :()], reading a Psalm, write a letter or poem to God, the options are there and they will come to you are you make the commitment to refashion your time for your whole health.

It's been stated that it takes 21 days to form a new habit. I don't want my life to be lived in vain, I desire to choose purpose in the Lord, it's my ultimate and final goal that wraps around everything else I 'need' to do. I know one thing that will motivate me in forming this new habit, and that's to keep in mind the events of this years start, remember the lost and haphazard feelings I've experienced, not to mention my old and

[Marisol loves to sit in the stillness, it's here that she's away from her should be's and nearer to who IS!]

consistent behavior of allowing my fears to help me make decisions

! Yowza! that's a bingo for me. I don't want these things, feelings, and behaviors around me any longer, so here I go into habit forming for my life's sake. That's life saving!

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