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     And now I commend you to God to the word of his grace, which is able to build you up and to give you the inheritance among all those who are sanctified.

Acts 20:32

Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food. - Hippocrates

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September 30, 2019

These two words are sometimes used interchangeably, however they are two different Categories of the asthma disease.  Causes are makes asthma Develop.  Below is a chart of major causes of asthma:


Genetics: Having a parent or grandparent with asthma increases...

September 23, 2019

Thunderstorm Asthma is a widely reported phenomenon where asthma flares are brought on when it storms.  Regular rainfall can sometimes be a help to many allergy suffers since the rain washes away some of the pollen in the air.  However, thunderstorms can draw poll...

September 9, 2019

Peppermint is a common used oil for treating headaches.  An essential oil is a concentrated liquid made from the whole plant parts such as leaves, flowers, stems even the roots and bark.  Many essential oils have been used to treat various ailments for centuries.


August 28, 2019

Anyone with Asthma knows that navigating the challenges of lung health can sometimes tricky and the solutions can at times seem allusive.  This is why it's so important to have a healthcare team in place [ an Allergist , Primary Doc, and and Pulmonary Doc-if deemed nec...

    [ I love Vani's cute covered swim suit, but, yeah, food in the pool :0 yuck! LOL! ]

Those of us with Asthma know that it comes with a boat load of responsibilities, and summer ( or year round depending. on where you live) pool time can be both enjoyable an...

 [ Vanessa and I both had our deviated septum repaired and we're on the road to recovery and better breathing!! ]

Nasal surgery or Septoplasty is a 'necessary evil' for many of us who have a deviated (crooked septum the partition that separates the two nasal chambe...

Anyone with allergies and asthma knows the struggles of ragweed!  We're all too familiar with allergy and asthma flares, and dread being exposed to those fluffy little white flowers/weeds that disperse with a vengeance air the slightest hint of summer winds!!...

 Every time we turn around there's some harmful trend that's taking teens by storm, and using E cigarettes and Vaping is one of them.  There's a false belief that electronic cigs and vaping are a safer alternative to smoking, but that's an illusion.   


Ok, I usually prefer to stick to food based supplementing that's familiar like fruits, fish etc...but, occasionally I do incorporate a few not so well known health supplements; while still food based, because they ARE a food :(), but not as familiar to people. ( like M...

Living with a lung condition brings enough problems of it's own, so we don't need any added probs because of lack of sleep!  So hit the sheets!  Well, not until you've read this post first! :()  

Often those of us with Asthma and other lung conditions suffer from nightt...

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Learning To Live 'Faithful' Heart - Smart!

January 13, 2020

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