Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food. - Hippocrates

Thru God’s Grace

     And now I commend you to God to the word of his grace, which is able to build you up and to give you the inheritance among all those who are sanctified.

Acts 20:32

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The Power OF Fruit & Veggie Powder!

[ I think Willow has the right idea, these powders are Super Powers! :() ] While fresh is best and frozen next when it comes to our fruits and veggies, there's another alternative that's good to have on hand, and that is powdered versions of those super powered plant foods! I for one, always keep my pantry stocked with a few of my faves like beet, kale, berry and spinach powders! :() Why veg powders? Well, they aren't just a stand in for fresh, veggie powders can be utilized in a multitude of ways. Powdered 'superfoods' meaning natural foods rich in nutrients and inflammatory fighting antioxidants, allow us to keep a balance to our diet through easily adding in those foods we may not alwa

By His Wounds...

It is my hope that this Passover season, this Easter holiday gain the respect and recognition for what it is, our acknowledgment and celebration of our LORD Jesus and his miraculous rise; the real and ultimate 'rise to power'!! Christ's resurrection is personal for each one of us because he was Sacrificed for Each and every one of us, think about it! It's a love that stands no comprehension by our human minds, but, just the knowledge of it is almost overwhelming (at least for me it is!). As we witness the world in its declining state, because of Jesus, we can still have hope. We hope not in fellow mankind, but hope in our Lord, hope in living life that is pleasing to him, hope in raising t

Better Health By Upping Our Potassium Game!

Potassium is a critical nutrient, an electrolyte that's responsible for counteracting the effects of sodium in the blood. Potassium supports a balanced blood pressure, bone strength, heart health and muscle development. A higher potassium intake may help to reduce the risk of stroke. Deficiencies in potassium could lead to constipation and fatigue and in extreme cases; respiratory failure, paralysis and gut obstruction. In face, according to studies, up two 98% of the population doesn't get enough of the recommended amounts of potassium. That's a problem! :o Healthy adults need to consume 4,700 mg of potassium daily. Let's up out potassium life starting now with the right foods and makin

The Dangers of Teens with Asthma & Vaping/E Cigarettes

Every time we turn around there's some harmful trend that's taking teens by storm, and using E cigarettes and Vaping is one of them. There's a false belief that electronic cigs and vaping are a safer alternative to smoking, but that's an illusion. E-cigarettes are small battery operated devices which make a vapor or aerosol that's inhaled. A cartridge filled with a liquid mixture is inserted into the device. The liquid mixture is a mashup of vegetable glycerin, propylene glycol, flavorings and yes often nicotine. As the liquid is heated and then cooled it becomes an aerosol to be inhaled. [ Kids and young adults have been growing in usage rapidly; in fact according to the U.S. Food and D

Hack Your Health The Easy Way!

[ Uh oh, looks like this guy waited too long to hack his health! Don't let this happen to you! :() ] Maintaining our bodies takes so much constant work but fear not, often we can take a few shortcuts to good health. We can hack our health for simple consistant results! Let's take a closer look at some well known health moves that we can easily keep on our rotation for health management! Fermented foods. We've all learned how good fermented foods are for gut health. Fermented foods contain good bacteria food based probiotics that support a healthy digestive system. Here's the fermented health hack, fermented foods that contain live organisms when eaten ( for the most benefits), [as oppose

The What's Up with Curry Leaves!

Ok, I usually prefer to stick to food based supplementing that's familiar like fruits, fish etc...but, occasionally I do incorporate a few not so well known health supplements; while still food based, because they ARE a food :(), but not as familiar to people. ( like Maca powder, but more on that deliciousness later! Ha ha ). Curry leaves are just that, although they've always been widely used in Indian culinary foods. So why add them? Well, you don't have to but you may want to because of their health boosting powers! :() Curry leaves are herbs that are full of essential nutrients that benefit a multitude of health aliments and are full of nutrients like Magnesium Iron Calcium Vitamins AB