Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food. - Hippocrates

Thru God’s Grace

     And now I commend you to God to the word of his grace, which is able to build you up and to give you the inheritance among all those who are sanctified.

Acts 20:32

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What's Going On with Your Gut?

An estimated 70 million Americans alone are living with digestive issues like IBS, (irritable bowel syndrome), and constipation. But with proper treatment and a few lifestyle changes, we can better manage tummy dramas! :() Let's start with HeartBurn: better known as Acid Reflux. What it is: Stomach acid backing up into the esophagus Ouch!! *Symptoms: burning sensation is the result, along with burping. * What we eat has a major effect on this condition *Foods such as: tomato and tomato sauce, coffee, chocolate, fried food ( lasts longer in the stomach ), even carbonated drinks act to relax the esophageal sphincter which makes it possible for acid to flow back up into

Better Brain Health!

I think we can all agree that all of our brains are taxed these days! From working, to daily living and health to tech living and more our brains are just as over worked as we are! :() Brain health isn't something many of us really focus on, or if so, it's shoved aside for other more pressing health matters. But I say what's more pressing than our 'hard drive'?! Would our computers work without one? :() [ Our brain's need our help!! (S.O.B.) Save our Brains!] Cognitive decline is on the rise and with millions of people in multitasking overload, rising Alzheimer's, brain fog stemming from everything from gluten to medications and more; it becomes clear that brain health and maintainenc

Don't Fret, God is Everywhere!

Even though our world is more crowded than ever, so many of us are still alone, or feel lonely. But wait...we aren't alone, our focus is out of focus! :() Even when our lives ae spinning seemingly out of control, and it doesn't feel like it...God is with us. [ One being voluntary; the other arbitrary. ] You may be feeling that you just don't know how to connect or 'find' God in your lives. But you don't have to! God is already here!!! That's one of the amazing thing about our Lord and Savior, he's ALWAYS with us. But where, and why aren't your problems solved? Why aren't you being comforted? Just stop and 'look' right where you are! God is everywhere! He's in the breath's we take, so

A Few Facts on What's Off Limits for Celiac & Gluten Sensitive People

[ Don't let the Gluten get ya! ] When it's imperative to follow a strict gluten free diet, life can get rather dicey the it comes to food consumption. Daily living with constantly navigating the gluten free maze can leave anyone often drained and confused. Gluten is a tricky tricky little guy who loves to hid in so many of the foods we eat, especially the foods we'd never suspect! Gluten can be found in foods from seasonings and meats to packaged and processed foods. Let's clear up a few of those funky food conundrums! [ Many of us are as confused as this little guy when it comes to gluten ingredients! ] Maltodextrin, what is it and why we need to avoid it. Maltodextrin is an anti-caking

Allergy Friendly Chocolates :)

Allergic people are quite fortunate in these times because there are many allergy friendly chocolate companies on the markets now. We don't have to stick to dark chocolates [ Although they're the healthiest!! ]. we too can indulge in dairy milk-free chocolates with luscious fillings like vanilla cream or caramel! Whoo Hoo!! Let's start with the top 8 (as of now, hopefully this year 2019 Sesame will be added to this list) So many of our favorite candy chocolate or not contain many of these top allergens, so it isn't as simple as grabbing a sweet treat from your local store. ( So if you're going to grab a candy bar or other sweet treat off the store shelves Read Your Labels! ) However, many

Let Him who Loves Best Teach Us How to Love Better

As we approach Valentine's day and are in American Heart Health Month let's go beyond the typical gestures and declarations of love. Let's dig deeper and reach higher for the examples of whole love. Let's proclaim to the one who loves us most and best that we are open vessels for which a more holy love can be poured into. Let's put first the one who loves us unconditionally and infinitely so that we can learn to pay that forward through the means of our Obedience and our heart actions... Love the LORD your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your strength. ~ Deuteronomy 6:5 In today's climate so many hearts are growing colder, especially with group outrage mentalit

Immune Boosting Foods to Fight Inflammation & Disease!

Whether we're at home or work, doesn't it seem that we're usually around sickos? LOL! What I mean is that there's usually someone who's carrying a hacking cough, has major sniffles or a cold or something that's lingering or reoccurring. Our immune systems are working overtime!! But, we can give our system some much needed support through nutrition with specific foods targeted for the first line of defense! Incorporating more of these foods not only helps to fight off illness but aids in keeping our energy levels up without turning to detrimental elements like Red Bull drinks. :o [ Adrianne made a delish mixed berry jam by combining frozen mixed berries, a little water- (it can be juice i

How Proper Use of Your Inhaler Can Make for Better Breathing.

We all know that inhalers are an important part of Asthma management, but improper use of them can result in continued out of control asthma and more frequent flares. Your healthcare team, allergist, pulmonologist and primary care doctor can all assist you with improved techniques. [A few of our LivingThruGrace crew members who live with asthma are here to demo simple inhaler techniques to get better results every time!!] First remove the mouthpiece cover [ if your inhaler has one ] and check to make sure it's clean. Cleaning the mouth area and body of your inhalers and your entire spacer is important because bacteria from your mouth and dust and debris from the environment can lay dorman