Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food. - Hippocrates

Thru God’s Grace

     And now I commend you to God to the word of his grace, which is able to build you up and to give you the inheritance among all those who are sanctified.

Acts 20:32

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Lifestyle Changes to Keep Asthma Under Better Control.

Living with Asthma or living with a loved one with it can pose some challenges in keeping it properly managed and controlled. While an asthma attack or flares cannot always be prevented, there are steps we can take; lifestyle adjustments that can aid in lowering your chances of multiple flares that impede the quality of your life. If you are experiencing a shift for the worst with your asthma, by all means, please see your healthcare provider. Reducing the allergens that get into our airways is the key to better control. The use of Saline Nasal Rinse can be a boon to those with pollen allergies, who spend a lot of time outdoors, and if there are pets in the home because the saline solutio

Everyday Asthma & Allergy Triggers

Often times the everyday items we live with an use often in our lives are the things that can trigger Asthma or Allergy reactions. Learning what your triggers are and clearing your living space of them is a big part of asthma and allergy health management! Those of with Asthma have probably figured out that scents can set off an attack. Air fresheners, particularly ones loaded with chemicals ( hello FaBreeze! ) and artificial scents only mask the air, they don't rid the air of a smell. Not to mention they load up our bodies with harmful health derailing chemicals. You will make a difference by ditching those 'fake' air fresheners, yes [ those plug in's too], and replace them with essentia

The No Fasting Ways to Detox the Liver!

[ The short video above is a visual of how our liver keeps us alive :) ] Our liver, one of the biggest worker bees in our system! The liver is responsible for over 500 functions in our body! :0 The liver is the largest organ in our body [that's good because it has a BIG job! :() ], and is responsible for: * cleansing our blood * helps make digestion possible through production of a digestive liquid called Bile * is our energy storage system by storing energy in the form of Glycogen. * helps to make cholesterol [ the body needs some of it] * helps with blood clotting However in our modern society, our liver has taken a beating and many of us are feeling it's effects! Our liver is under co

Sesame Allergies on the Rise

Later last year the FDA has finally begun the process which could lead to Sesame being added to the Top Allergens list .It should began to happen sometime this year! This would mean that sesame will be the 9th food Required to be labeled clearly on food packages. The other top food allergens are as listed: Soy * Peanuts * Tree Nuts * Milk * Shellfish * Fish Eggs * and Wheat. As of now, sesame is listed as ** a spice ** natural flavors ** Benne or Tahini This can make it tricky for those who react to sesame when buying pre packaged foods or when ordering food in restaurants. This also makes it Dangerous for those who are Severely allergic to sesame to consume foods other than what they are

Living with Asthma & Other Lung Disease in Seasonal Wildfires

Wild fires can include forest fires, grassland fires, and any other large body of fire burning in the environment. When living with Asthma and other lung afflictions, wildfires can make life extremely difficult, because our lungs are already weakened by lung conditions or disease. When you can't count on your lungs to support your body through extreme weather circumstances, it becomes imperative to learn how to navigate through times like these and become as prepared as possible. [ If you're on oxygen take to your doc about any changes in the amounts needed. ] Unfortunately, wildfires are the norm in our current times in many states, in particular on the west coast where the air is drier a

Easy Poses for Improved Lung Capacity & Better Breathing!

[ Vanessa is warming up to ready her body for the breath stretching exercises and I suppose her friend Ellie is the showcase partner! LOL ] Living with Asthma, we need all the help we can get to 'catch our breath!' :() Vanessa's here to demo these simple but effective poses that help bring more air into our lungs! Working out as part of asthma maintenance is pretty much known, but working out our lungs is also an important part of Asthma Care! People with lung disease already experience some degree of lung damage or decreased lung capacity, so it's important to whip those lungs in shape, or create an environment where they're as strong and functional as possible! It's a balancing act to ma

Severe Asthma? Let's Look Closer...

Living with Asthma is certainly a great challenge, but for many who are diligently doing everything they're supposed to to no avail, Severe Asthma could be the culprit. Asthma itself can cause bouts of anxiety, but when it becomes a behemoth that literally takes over your life it's time to step up the fight! If you suspect that your asthma has grown beyond it's norm for you, see your health professional, you will most likely be lead to a Pulmonologist ( if you aren't already seeing one) who can help to smooth our that Asthma Action Plan and provide additional assistance. Your doctor may suggest a blood test to get a more detailed look at your asthma, this will allow them to provide specifi

Let's Get Moving for Lung Health! Simple Walking Workouts!! :()

These LivingThruGrace ladies are serious about their health, in particular their lung health!! Vanessa( standing on treadmill) lives with Asthma and Adrianne( sitting on bike) has weakened lungs due to a serious bout with pneumonia. Stacy is fortunate to have healthy strong lungs, and she wants to keep them that way! :() Our LivingThruGrace Crew has set up a gym this year and they're ready to commit consistently to moving for whole body wellness! Who's here for it?? [ Yep, sometimes we all need a little 'push' to get those joints and muscles in motion! ] I wanted to include an indoor exercise that requires nothing but your legs and feet! Leslie Sansone has built an empire on one simple ex

Hello 2019!

Welcome to the New Year everyone! We've been blessed to cross over that road onto a new one. Like previous years, these roads will be filled with forked paths leading us into confusion...Buuut!!! Fear not, for I am with you; Be not dismayed, for I am your God. I will strengthen you, Yes, I will help you, I will uphold you with My righteous right hand.' ~Isaiah 41:10 Isn't that so comforting? God had our backs, he Will lead us down paths in which he already knows the outcome! God had a masterplan all for our greatest good. May each one of you be filled with the Holy Spirit and the joy that can only come from our Lord and Savior! Let's fill our hearts with Praise, with song and dance for