Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food. - Hippocrates

Thru God’s Grace

     And now I commend you to God to the word of his grace, which is able to build you up and to give you the inheritance among all those who are sanctified.

Acts 20:32

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Coconut Macaroons? Not Exactly!

[ This pic with Willow gettin' to baking was taken after the batter set in the fridge overnight, they look firm but when baked they still resulted in the amazing caramel-y candy-cookies now love! ] Yesterday I wrote a blog post on coconut milk products and the varieties and I mentioned that some of the LivingThruGrace Crew and I decided to make some coconut macaroons. Well, something went awry and resulted in a much different treat, but oh so delicious none the less. :() The recipe was simple enough, it included a can of Condensed Coconut milk ( I as happy to finally get to dive into this!) shredded coconut and vanilla. I must've misread the recipe and didn't add enough of the shredded

The Beauty of Coconut Milk Products!

[ These ladies are cuckoo for coconut milks! ] Anyone who lives with food allergies and is dairy free (and not allergic) is set free with the varied possibilities of coconut milk products! Coconut milk comes from the coconut ( of course LOL ), and its extracted [blended with water] from 'meat' of matured coconuts, and strained through a fine mesh or cheese cloth. What makes this milk so creamy is the amount of coconut oils present in the coconut. Mmm-mmm! Coconut milk is available in cartons like almond and other plant based milks in most stores but it's not the same as CANNED coconut milk, and (some store bought milks)may have other ingredients and flavorings added. ( I do like Silk Brand

Being Forearmed For Allergy Safe Holiday Eating!

Person #1: "I didn't know food allergies could kill people?! Person#2: "That's what 'life threatening food allergy' means. Person#1: "I just remember you saying blah blah blah food allergy, blah blah blah. :() (Who's been there? ) It's the time of year for holiday pies, cakes, cookies and multitudes of other goodies to be consumed and enjoyed with friends, family and co workers! But for those of us with food allergies this can be a challenging time if we're not prepared with our own arsenal of celebratory treats to enjoy! The temptation is very REAL when dishes all too familiar, that we've grown up on and connect to warm memories or traditions to want to just toss all caution into the win

Healing Benefits Of Castor Oil

[ Although Janine has trouble relating to and getting along with many of the Crew ladies, she's formed a bond with Ann. here she's helping to apply a Castor Pack onto Ann's back of help with muscle and lung soreness from her flu. :) ] Ricinus Communis...Say whaat?? :() The Castor Oil Plant has been revered as a super healer for centuries throughout time. This powerful plant was often referred to as Palma Christe stemming from the shape of the caster oil plant's leaves, believed to resemble the hands of Christ. Castor oil was relied heavily on by grandparents of grandparents (and so on!) for healing both internally and externally to foster healing. In Ayurvedic medicine castor oil is wid

Keeping A Forgiving Attitude...

[ Roxy and Jeanine have a troubled relationship-though Janine has difficulties with most of the ladies in the Crew House. Roxy's been spending time in prayer asking God to change her, so that she can readily adapt to difficult situations in her life. ] Relationships can be wonderful, comforting and fill us with much needed love, however, they can also be challenging, hurtful and disappointing. We are flawed, we are fallen [ Thanks a lot Adam & Eve! :() ]. Because of this, all human relationships will fall short of meeting our needs and expectations. The only relationship that never fails us [ even though at times we may feel so] is the one we have with our Lord God. He understands our ne

Dealing With Grief From The Loss Of A Loved One During The Holidays...

, [ In the midst of the sense of tragedy or loss, sometimes laughter is not only healing, it's a way of experiencing the person that you've lost again. ~Alan Alda ] Often the holidays are stressful enough and add on grieving the loss of a loved one can bring on depression and a sense of distress because they magnify the loss; not to mention the fact that our holidays have become a circus. Mass consumerism, and pointless frivolity have resulted in diluting the true meaning of many of the holiday celebrations that honor our Lord. Many people make attempts to 'avoid' their grief by being someplace else, isolating themselves, or numbing themselves in order to cope, to escape the pain. The need

You Are Never Alone...

All great and precious things are lonely. ~John Steinbeck [God is our refuge and strength, an ever-present help in trouble. ~Psalms 46:1] Loneliness is one of the most widely experienced afflictions of the human condition. We're all sinners ["All have sinned and fall short of the glory of God" ~Romans 3:23] and because of this sin nature we experience a spiritual separation from our Creator. [The result of sin is death, spiritual separation from God ~Romans 6:23]. However, God didn't just leave a homey hanging! :() He sent his son Jesus to die for us so that we can have an infinite relationship with him! Ok, you're probably thinking, yes I know God is with me always but I still feel lonely