Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food. - Hippocrates

Thru God’s Grace

     And now I commend you to God to the word of his grace, which is able to build you up and to give you the inheritance among all those who are sanctified.

Acts 20:32

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Traveling With Asthma & Allergies [Including Pet Allergies]

[ Roxanne's thrilled to partake in a mini getaway to california with her friend and LivingThruGrace crew member Violet! She's looking great and traveling smart as she has remembered to pack smart with her asthma travel kit!!! ] Anyone with Asthma or other allergies including Food allergies knows how challenging it can be for travel. Health safety is the number one priority in order to have an enjoyable trip. [ or productive trip if you're traveling for work :D ] However, fortunately there are steps to take that can make travel less stressful [ at least in this area!] for those of us with these health issues. [ Hey We're just trying to get places too! :D ] The first order of business for a

It's Tea Time!! But What If You Don't Like Tea? Tips For A Delicious Experience For Anyone :

Mad Hatter: Would you like a little more tea? Alice: I haven't had any yet, so I can't very well take more. [ The LivingThruGrace Crew threw a beautiful tea party with teas, & treats including gluten free ones, and water because they know that tea can dehydrate ( those that are caffeinated. Mattie the Hatter their friend who lives in another town, 'Wonderland' :D lent the ladies her special tea table! ] I can profess my adoration for tea until the cows come home :D Yes, tea has always been a place of quiet peace and yumminess for as long as I can remember. I don't know of a culture that doesn't have some sort of tea ceremony built into it. If you too are a lover of all things tea, then y

Let's Breathe Better; Nasal Irrigation For Asthma & Allergies

In the land of the skunks he who has half a nose is king. :D ~Chris Farley [ Roxanne shows Clawdie the nasal rinse which could help her with her asthma. Claudia's thinking 'But I'll drown!" :D ] Many of you who read my blog know that I live with asthma, food allergies, and allergies. I try to do all that I can to effectively manage the symptoms of all of these issues, though sometimes I do have mess ups, like eating something I have no business or not covering All the bases in my home care. However, I'm learning too, and am determined to step up my health management game, especially with asthma this year. Last summer was a beast for me and my asthma for the first time in a few years. As

Spotting Those 'Hidden' Names For Harmful & Allergen Ingredients In Our Foods

Ignorance is the curse of God; knowledge is the wing wherewith we fly to heaven ~William Shakespeare [ The ladies are busy carefully reading the label's on their food choices. Claudia, Nikita and Danica must be especially diligent for the sake of their health as Danica is newly diagnosed with Multiple Food Allergies and as you may know from previous blog posts, Niki and Clawdie live with Asthma. Piper's helping to remind the ladies of the importance in their bread choices, as she's found a fresh baked loaf of French bread in their presence and we know that's Not Gluten Free! What's Nikita doing with Mac n Cheese? :D ] [ Claudie can't believe what goes into food and snack items since she'

Breathe Better Using These Yoga Poses!

[Roxanne is helping her friends demo the Nadi Shodden Pranayama-Alternate Nostril Breathing Technique. This pose helps to relieve stress and has a healing effect on circulatory and respiratory problems; Clawdie & Niki aren't so sure! Plug or hold one nostril while slowly and deeply breathing through the other] Those of us who live with asthma know all too well the feeling of being unsure of participating in an activity, or going someplace 'lung challenging' [ like humid Florida- like places :D ]. Many times we contemplate holding back with activities for fear of being breath-less, tired and all the other drama that comes along with asthma and 'droopy lungs. :{} Most of us diligently take

Spring & Summertime Allergens, Let's Get Prepared Part 2

In part one of this post I talked about how to prep for the warmer seasons and the health issues it brings along with it's sunny days and blue skies. :() In part 2 I'll build on allergen issues like mold and bug bites! [ Roxanne despises bathroom cleaning, especially toilets! But she knows the importance of this grueling work to keep the bath mold free. ] Let's begin with mold which exists in the summer and fall months but certain mold spores peak in the late summer. Most common allergic reactions to mold occur in July to early fall. Mold, and mildew are fungi and their seeds are called spores which travel through the air. Molds can grow on old leaves, and tree logs, in piles of compo

Spring & Summertime Allergens; Let's Be Prepared! Part 1

Did you hear about the one about the convict who had an allergy? He broke out!! :D ~whatallergy.com In a couple of months we will officially head into spring and then summer seasons, and that means summertime heat, humidity and allergen offenders...dum- de -dum- dum! Warmer seasons grace us with it's beauty of fresh blooms, lush green lawns and majestic trees happily waving in the summer breeze. However, there's trouble lurking behind these spring and summer scenes in the form of Pollen, Mold, Bug Stings, Seasonal fruits, and Poison Ivy, Dust Mites, Pet Dander and Humidity from heat and rain. Each one of these can be the cause of a difficult warm season if not handled properly. Traveling A

A Cup Of Tea, Thoughts & Life...

[ The Ladies love their Tea Time to relax and catch up on girl talk!] Aaah, tea is my first love, it was my comfort zone, and sometimes an aid in allergy/sinus and lung health. [ caffeine in tea and coffee contains Theophylline a substance that can act as a bronchodilator to open the airways to relieve Asthma symptoms such as chest tightness, wheezing and coughing; this is NOT a substitute for taking your asthma meds!]. As a child I was often given mostly strong black tea and sometimes coffee to [aid in] relaxing my airways. I know this is why I associate tea with soothing comfort! :() Cultures all around the world have some kid of tea culture blended into their daily lives. We all know