Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food. - Hippocrates

Thru God’s Grace

     And now I commend you to God to the word of his grace, which is able to build you up and to give you the inheritance among all those who are sanctified.

Acts 20:32

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It's Ok To Slow Down!

[ Nature does not hurry, yet everything is accomplished." ~Lao Tzu ] [ Veronica the frazzled exec is at a loss again for enough time in her days!] [Willow's just about had it with the way the ladies leave the house. This is a sign of life too hurried!] The beginning of my new year usually starts with a bang. I'm freshly organized, full of hope and new clarity and gratitude to be granted another 'new year'. This year didn't exactly begin effortlessly to say the least! :() For starters, I wasn't in a great head space and I don't even know how I arrived in the disheveled and apprehensive space I landed in! I suppose it was me in my usual mode starting the car without the 'key' [the Lord!].

I'm 'Mostly' An Introvert...and I'm Just Fine With It...

[ Alex, Danica and Willow are taking some chill time to gab and watch one of their favorite shows on HGTV. Veronica tries to join in, she's better with one to one chats, and group gatherings are difficult for her... so she veers off into her own thoughts. She's not unfriendly... she's just an introvert!] Extrovert, Introvert what's the difference? Extroverts tend to be outgoing and really enjoy the company of others. An extrovert's personality is usually very comfortable and energized whilst being around others, and can easily make others feel comfortable in their presence. The flip side for extroverts is at times they tend to become restless, bored and or lonely when they'er alone. M

Sometimes a 'Situation' Falls Apart :[

[ "Never, never,never give up!" ~Winston Churchill ] [Mel tries to console MiaLana after their gluten free raw treat went south!] Sometimes healthy living endeavors go wrong... very wrong :{} and this is on of those times! I don't often see or read about the 'sideways' adventures of healthy recipe indulgences. I usually see how delicious recipes turn out but rarely occurrences that [Frequently] happen in my world Lol! So when you come to this blog you will find me sharing my mess up's, mistakes, backslides and disasters! So what I'm saying is you'll see real life as it happens :{} It all started well. The gals and I were craving something red velvet cakeish, but we wanted to keep it he

Living With Osteoarthritis is a Pain in the Neck :() ...and Knee

[It is during our darkest moments that we must focus to see the light.~Aristotle Onassis] [Roxanne lives with OA issues from prior injuries during her years as a gymnast] Osteoarthritis(OA) or Degenerative Joint Disease chronic joint condition. It can effect most any joint in the body and is quite common in occurrence in the knees, hips, neck, lower back, joints in the fingers thumbs and big toes. Ouch! I have OA in my neck [resulting from a car accident years ago] that resulted in Neck Spurs which are bony projections which develop alone the edges of bones, they often form in the joints; and in my knee[ it's whats termed Osgood Schlatter disease named after Robert Bayley Osgood who was a

Gluten Free Struggles :/

[ I Got 99 Problems and Gluten is One! The girls try to soothe Prudence who suffers from Gluten Intolerance. Not being diligent can lead to disaster!] Gluten Free, yeah, those two words sting and bring many thoughts to mind, like eww, what for?, trendy, expensive, flavor lacking, and more! :() Living mostly gluten free is a tall task and one that I often fail. I haven't read much about screw ups, and rebellion while partaking in this lifestyle but you will find it here on this blog in the hopes that I can help others who struggle [and fail] with food allergies that include gluten free. Gluten is what? Gluten is : So now that you're more familiar with the what's and why's of gluten, it's